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Matthew Laurence Klein


Sleeping through her 2 month birthday @merrytodd #tateklein

Head down, grind and let the work speak for itself

M,M&T sundays at the BK piers

Tate loving her @gregmike first signed piece #tateklein

#tbt that day we went and made it official @merrytodd teammate, soulmate, and best friend

simple Sunday mornings in the kitchen #EEEEEats

The original New York City coffee Vassilaros & Sons since 1918 #morningmeetings #brooklyn #coffee

Tate Klein got comfy in the antique baby carriage (circa early 1900’s) at her great grandparents this past week #tateklein

Brooklyn baby #tateklein

Tate’s first trip to the Whitney to see Jeff Koons Retrospective #familyselfie